6V 1A PSE Plug AC/DC Wall Mounted Switch Mode Power Supply Adaptor

6V 1A PSE Plug AC/DC Wall Mounted Switch Mode Power Supply Adaptor

应用程序: Medical Equipment, LED Lights, CCTV Camera Etc
Ref. No.SM-CD02RoHS / REACHYes
Input90-264Vac EMC / EMIYes
Output6V 1ADimensionL63*W38.8*H35mm
Comply With SafetyJ60950  ProtectionOCP, OVP, OTP, Short Circuit Protecction
ReliabilityJIS C0022, IEC68-2, MIL-STD-883Energy EfficientFully Meets  DOE VI Requirement
FeatureLow Ripple and Noise, Multiple Safety ProtectionsManufacturing EquipmentYamaha SMT Machine, AOI, ATE, Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Automated Production Line

6 Levels ProtectioN

Input Over Voltage Protection

Built-in special circuit design to prevent damage when the input voltage too high.

Input Over Voltage Protection

Real-time feedback the output voltage. Automatic protects when the output voltage is too high.

Short Circuit Protection

Short-circuit protection Independent fuse design

Input Over Current Protection

Intelligently real-time monitors the input current to prevent damage to the circuit.

Over Temp Protection

Built-in special Over temperature protection circuit. The device will shut down when senses abnormal temperature and will automatically resume when normal temperature.

Output Over Current Protection

When output electrical current is over the design limit, our smart charger will shut down the port to protect your device